Science and Children: What’s the Big Deal?

Science and Children: What’s the Big Deal?

Professor Emeritus Robert Saul, MD, writes that we should embrace science and use it to our benefit and avoid the pitfalls of ignoring it (and that it is a big deal for children).

Speaker: Robert Saul, MD

Robert Saul, MD, Pediatrics

Dr. Saul deeply cares for all children. We all need constant reminders about the optimal nurturing of children, and his work provides a multi-dimensional approach to parenting that is refreshingly new.

Matthew Mintz, MD

Matthew Mintz, MD

Educating patients, medical students, residents, and physicians about traditional and alternative treatments and healthcare models.

Learn to Press the Pause Button: Today

Learn to press the pause button: today.

Diana Londono, MD, shares how we can control how we perceive our circumstances, take back control of our lives and rekindle our essential nature which is full of joy, authenticity and love.

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