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For all physicians interested in collaborating about all things Medical Expert, Forensic, IMEs. No experience necessary. US/Canadian-based Physicians only.

Podcast: Inside the Doctors Lounge

Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS

Hear the conversations behind the door as you take a seat with us Inside The Doctor’s Lounge along with fellow physicians Dr. Randy Cook and Dr. Rick Zollinger, and their guests as they enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting about topics within and around the medical profession.

My Best Mentor

Article: My Best Mentor

Had it not been for mentors to teach and encourage me, I wonder how not only my life would be different, but how would the lives of my patients be different?


Rick Zollinger MD challenges us to think like a child again.

Primary Care, The Great “Loss Leader”

article: Primary Care, The Great “Loss Leader”

Guy Culpepper, MD shares: as if prior authorization, disempowerment, and arbitrary fee schedules weren’t enough, now dedicated young physicians can look forward to even more layers of corporate ambivalence.