Physician Medical Expert Group

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For all physicians interested in collaborating about all things Medical Expert, Forensic, IMEs. No experience necessary. US/Canadian-based Physicians only.

Inside the Doctors Lounge

Desmond Bell, DPM, CWS

Hear the conversations behind the door as you take a seat with us Inside The Doctor’s Lounge along with fellow physicians Dr. Randy Cook and Dr. Rick Zollinger, and their guests as they enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting about topics within and around the medical profession.

My Best Mentor

Article: My Best Mentor

Had it not been for mentors to teach and encourage me, I wonder how not only my life would be different, but how would the lives of my patients be different?

Primary Care, The Great “Loss Leader”

article: Primary Care, The Great “Loss Leader”

As if prior authorization, disempowerment, and arbitrary fee schedules weren’t enough, now dedicated young physicians can look forward to even more layers of corporate ambivalence.