05/01/2023: Steve Forbes, Control, & Pods

05/01/2023: Steve Forbes, Control, & Pods
[Steve Forbes had some great advice this past week, about branding in healthcare specifically, when our founder met him in NYC. The advice and more.]

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Hi everyone,


This is Dana Corriel, MD, the internist who founded this site in order to help the educated healthcare professionals of today sharpen and amplify their online voices, and help the public find reliable (and unique) healthcare resources.

Last night, I asked Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, what he thought of branding in the healthcare community.

He replied by stating the importance of branding , especially in the world of today, and suggested that branding will become much more necessary, even for physicians, to stand out beyond the work we do in the exam room.

Perfect!” I thought. It is exactly what we set out to do here, on SoMeDocs.

I’m proud to have built a space for doctors across the country, regardless of their level of expertise.

We have folks who are just dipping their toes in the online waters of personal branding and marketing, and we have doctors who are already influencer-level.

We also proudly have a way for doctors to join at different price points, with a FREE profile membership they can apply for (must have a valid NPI) to get showcased on our unique public directory (Wall Street Journal used it just the other day, for an article source!), as well as a network membership, meant to bring together warm entrepreneurial spirits who wish to build and grow behind-the-scenes.

As for the PUBLIC, made up of the people we love (and ultimately do what we do for)? Lots and lots of health and healthcare-related content, brought to you by verified doctors of today. We teach, we discuss, and sometimes, we even vent.

It’s all meant to stir discussions in a healthcare field where the ultimate goal is making things work, and healing.


Steve Forbes
Steve Forbes and Dana Corriel, MD, in Forbes Media, NYC May 10, 2023


.. And now, for the updates!! As before, we split things up into “For Everyone” and “For Doctors”, with an easy table of contents for you to use on our side bar (only when reading this directly on website!). Only click into what interests you.


For Everyone


Welcome to the world, Front Page!



  • We’ve given birth to a brand new front page, with a more polished look/feel that conveys that we’re a content hub, in addition to a community of doctors behind the scenes.
  • Our new layout will highlight some of the latest and greatest articles, videos, and series, in addition to “Beyond Exam Rooms” pages that get built for our members.
  • We hope this will streamline our work, and make it easier to navigate through our pages.
  • What do you think? Like this look? Let us know, by emailing us here.



Who’s Really in Control?

  • Reminder: you won’t be able to see the video posted below, unless you’re reading this inside our website. Read our updates here instead.


  • Have you seen the 6-episode season I of Conversations with Shem?
  • Who’s Shem, you may be wondering. Why, he’s the author of The House of God!
  • From episode 4: “Healthcare is filled with systems of control, serving to curb physician behavior.” – Eric Tait, MD, MBA, one of the panelists we had on.
  • Catch this, and other exciting episodes of House of God’s Conversations with Shem, here, exclusively from SoMeDocs.



Lifestyle Medicine Conference June 9-11, 2023

Lifestyle Medicine Conference

  • Reminder: you won’t be able to see the video posted below, unless you’re reading this inside our website. Read our updates here instead.
  • Our virtual conference grounds have officially been built and we’ve opened up requests to join!
  • Find those grounds here, and request an add!
  • You’ll be let in on June 8th, 2023 (or one day sooner with a VIP ticket).
  • Get into our virtual conference with either: a purchased VIP ticket, or by being an active SoMeDocs member with a profile!
  • Details, speakers, schedule here.





Cooking Tips and Tricks with Dr. Danielle


Cooking Tips and Tricks with Dr. Danielle
Danielle Manalo MD’s new series
  • With episodes titles like “Hami Melon: it’s Not Cantaloupe”, “Batch Cooking: Turkey Chili”, and “Tastes of Bali: Mangosteen”, it’s no wonder there’s excitement in the air.
  • Our first episode release, from Dr. Danielle Manalo’s new series called Cooking Tips and Tricks with Dr. Danielle, is coming out Friday, May 12th, 2023, at 8 AM EST.
  • You’ll find a new one published inside our magazine weekly, on the same day and time!
  • Quickly find other curated collections, just like this one, by using the FILTERS on the side bar of the mag!!



Lecture: Painful Questions


Gail Miller, MD
Gail Miller, MD
  • Dr. Gail Miller wants you to be aware of a growing trend.
  • It’s become a norm, she says, to throw in comments about someone else’s fertility status that seem innocent and supportive but are anything but. For instance, telling someone who has stopped IVF to “keep going” and ”don’t give up.”
  • These can be painful for anyone dealing with infertility, has experienced pregnancy loss or is childless not by choice. 
  • But you don’t expect these pain points to be triggered by healthcare visits that have nothing to do with your fertility.
  • Dr. Miller addressed these issues in her lecture on May 8th, which you can access here.
  • Other lectures & events coming up live are found here (and are free when live).



For Doctors



  • Announcing our latest addition..  out PODS.


  • These will take place, in small groups, on individual social media platforms (starting with Instagram and LinkedIn), with the goal of improving our performance on the specific platform, and increasing “action” on our accounts.
  • We’ll be forming these groups shortly and working daily on learning the platforms together and growing in them, behind the scenes, facilitated by SoMeDocs.
  • There will be rules to engaging in the pods, so we’re looking for serious participants who agree to adhere to these, in a serious collective effort to successfully make an impact on our growth.
  • These will be added in as a perk for our NETWORK members for now, but may be split off, in the near future, into a separate membership, depending on effort/time it takes to run these (which basically means NOW is the best time to join us).


Upgraded Membership 


Katherine Brooks, MD
Katherine Brooks, MD
  • If you’re a medical doctor, dentist, or podiatrist, and enjoy being a part of our free membership, at SoMeDocs, we’d love to have you upgrade into our NETWORK, for all of our added perks.
  • We’re adding in our newest, PODS, and they’re a part of the NETWORK.
  • Though we’ve kept the price low these past few years, to keep things at “no-brainer” levels for joining, we are slowly increasing our prices as our community and its needs grow. For the next week, however, we are extending our old price to loyal readers (one week only). Use coupon code “LOYALTYDISCOUNT”. Expires May 17th, 2023, at midnight. (note: will only work on a yearly subscription).
  • You will be grandfathered in at the rate with which you sign up, regardless of price increases moving forward. We do our best to honor our work, and those who believe in what we do and join us!


Accepting Pitches for Private Practice


Jerry Shane Purcell, MD
Jerry Shane Purcell, MD, speaker
  • We’re planning a virtual private practice conference in Fall/Winter 2023 and are currently accepting pitches for speakers.
  • Note that we also feature a private practice section, filled with fabulous resources on this topic.
  • One of our “We don’t offer 15-minute “drive-by” appointments but rather, schedule or appointments, in 30-, 45- or 60- minute intervals, depending on your needs.”
  • The latest from “My Practice & Why it Works”. Find this article inside our magazine.
  • We are currently collecting pitches for speakers at our virtual, private practice conference, coming later in 2023. Pitch talks on our website, under the health professional tab. Or, directly here.


Social Media and Networking for Doctors

Header for Doctors on Social Media

  • It’s finally here: plans for a social media conference are underway.
  • We’re starting out with spotlight features, interviews of doctors who are “killin’ it” on the various social platforms of today. If you know doctors who are “killin’ it” on your favorite platform (Instagram, LinkedIn, Podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), please nominate them by tagging us on their posts (and telling us why you tagged), or if you know them, please make an intro by emailing us here
  • We plan on diversifying what we showcase and making this exciting for all. 



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