04/20/2023: Crossing Lines, Butchering Words & More..

[We're trying not to cross lines or butcher words here, at SoMeDocs, so cut us docs some slack, will 'ya? ;) An update!]

Please note: this article will get filled throughout the month listed. You can keep checking back for new tweets, or find our entire collection here.

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Crossing Lines

  • Did Dr. Liebowitz-Greene cross a line, in the soon-to-be-released episode of Doctors Exploring Social Media? (find that episode here when it’s published, April 21st, at 9 AM EST!)
  • We want to know (discussed in the episode): do you include your kids in your social media posts? Tell us over Linkedin and tag us, @somedocs!
  • We hope you also caught our last chat, “How Do We Market Grassroots Work in Healthcare?“, and the fun discussion over an Italian meal, had in Edgewater, NJ, with Dr. Marlene Wust-Smith.


Steering a Boat

  • “Don’t forget to give your digital space its own spin.”
  • Are you tuned into our Digital Advice Shorties? They’re quick snippets of unique general digital advice.
  • Like other series, you can find it inside our MAGAZINE section, by using the filters and choosing “curated series”.


More Lectures? Of course!

Minako Abe, MD
Minako Abe, MD


Twitter of the Week (Butchering Words)

  • Twitter’s got to be one of the greatest sources of anecdotes and conversation-starters.
  • This one comes from Sean Dreyer, MD, whose account (and this tweet) you can find here.
  • Amongst note-worthy responses:
  • “Anals of Medicine” instead of Annals of Medicine…yes I said what you are thinking out loud. We all had a laugh. – @txsportsdoc
  • “I emailed physicians and requested them if they can be my perceptor for observership until one of them literally only replied that it’s preceptor not perceptor.” – @Kamran__Zahoor
  • “i [sic] pronounced guillain-barre wrong for so long but nobody ever corrected me so i just sounded like an idiot to everyone” – @laurenncarterr
  • Want your tweet featured? Tag @SoMeDocs.


Hey Siri! Errr, SoMeDocs..

  • “Hey SoMeDocs, find me a Family Medicine and Lifestyle doctor who’s also on YouTube”
  • You thought only Siri helps you “get things”? Well, you were wrong because we’re now here for your needs, too!
  • We wanted to show you how exciting our doctor directory is, for when you’re looking for colleagues to connect with (regardless of where they reside!)
  • We pretended like we’re a reporter, trying to find doctors that are in both family medicine and lifestyle medicine, and also have a Youtube channel.
  • So.. using the filters inside our directory, we selected “Family Medicine” and “Lifestyle Medicine” and “Youtube” and… *voila* we found matches, which included Shayla Toombs-Withers, DO, FAAFP, Colin Zhu, DO, DipABLM, Catherine H. Toomer M.D., and Dolapo Babalola, MD, FAAFP, DiploABLM/ABOM.
  • Once you’ve narrowed down your search, you cal click into each profile and find the doc you’d like to connect with, either on a social media platform they’re active in, or using our inquiries box, if they’ve opted in! Easy-peasy!


Lifestyle Medicine? You Got It!

Lifestyle Medicine Conference

  • We’ve curated an event that’s bound to be spectacular, lined with 15 physician experts in the field of lifestyle medicine.
  • Mark your calendars for June 9-11, 2023, and come learn from these phenomenal physician speakers about lifestyle medicine in health.
  • 15 speakers total, with talks spread out across 3 days!
  • Early Bird pricing is going on now, until May 1, at 60% off our tickets’ full price (make sure you use code EARLY-BIRD-LIFESTYLE). Reserve your virtual spot today!
  • Read about the speaker lineup, lecture topics, and more here and join us. Tickets now on sale!


Partner Symposium

Akil Palanisamy, MD
Akil Palanisamy, MD

We have partnered up with the “9th annual IHH-UCSF Symposium on Nutrition and Functional Medicine”, taking place April 22, where top health experts will gather online, from 10 am to 4 pm MT, and open to those interested in nutrition and Functional Medicine. While this is not a SoMeDocs hosted event, we continue to support others in their pursuit of better health, and are happy to help promote the event. Harvard’s Dr. William Li, Dr. Akil Palanisamy (who is also speaking at our virtual Lifestyle Medicine conference in June), and NYT-bestselling author Diana Rodgers are only a few of the minds you’ll be learning from. Grab your ticket now and sign up here and use code UCSF to get 10% off.




  • They say “regularity is the best medicine”
  • We’ve decided to send out more regular updates, and combine our two audiences in one newsletter notification
  • You’ll find updates regularly published here, in our new UPDATE section
  • You’ll also receive these in newsletter format, each time one gets published
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Hi, I’m Your Doctor. But I Can’t Provide the Best Care As Is


Getting a Denial (on your podcast)

podcasts: transparent photo of headphones

  • An anonymous physician shared a personal perspective with us, earlier this week, about being forced to shut down their podcast by their hospital.
  • From the article: “I became resentful, feeling I was being unfairly targeted. My passion for sharing knowledge was being stifled.”
  • Thank you to David John Schleich for dropping a supportive comment beneath the article, ending it with “You returned to your connections with patients. Bravo. Doctors are “teachers”, as you know.” Just thought we’d share.
  • Got a response? Your own experience to share? Submit it here.


Get Featured in Unique Projects!

One Piece of Burnout Advice, Please. To Go.

  • We want to see more of our members featured and circulated inside our unique collections, articles, and conferences!
  • You can now check out ALL projects you can participate in, including submitting articles, pitching lectures, and taking part in our unique collections. All of your options are listed here, and will be regularly updated with new ones!


Are You Tired?

  • We know you’re tired. We’re tired too.
  • We’re proud to be nurturing behind-the-scenes tools for doctors who have become members, with tool for all levels, including our free members. There’s something here for everyone.
  • Stay tuned for a new “pod” membership, which helps us grow our accounts.

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Project Food Creations

My “Go To” Spices for Indian Food: Beginner’s Guide

  • We’re currently organizing a brand spankin’ new section, highlighting your food creations. This will be a great way to not only show your patients, or audience, that you can shine outside of the exam room, but also pass on a recipe you love. Does NOT have to be your original recipe, as long as credit is given to who created it, or where you found it. What we need: a pic of the food with you in it (for example, holding up a pie you made!) and a blurb describing what it is, why you made it, etc. Be creative! Submit yours here. It’s all in honor of our upcoming LIFESTYLE MEDICINE CONFERENCE FOR EVERYONE. Signup for notifications on that here.





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