04/02/2023: Government Policies, Burnout Advice & Narrative Medicine

04/02/2023: Government Policies, Burnout Advice & Narrative Medicine
[We've got a narrative medicine lecture coming your way (& other news)..]

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Failed Government Policies

Failing Government Policies Are Failing the Care of Our Health

  • Check out one of our most popular articles this week, Failing Government Policies Are Failing The Care Of Our Health, by Robert Gergely, MD.
  • From the article: “It is impossible to sustain a system of “health care” when the employees (physicians) and their customers (patients) are burning out due to failed Government policies.”
  • It can be directly accessed here found inside our Articles and Videos section.


The Many Flavors of Burnout Advice

One Piece of Burnout Advice, Please. To Go.

  • We’ve been hearing a lot about “burnout” these past few years. It’s a serious issue affecting healthcare workers today.
  • One of our newest ‘curated collections’ features a challenge to dole out various advice pieces, posed by Dr. Lakshman Swamy, which we’re calling One Piece of Burnout Advice, Please. To Go.
  • Check it out here.


Narrative Medicine Lecture

Claire Unis MD MFA
Claire Unis MD MFA
  • Announcing our upcoming live lecture: “Narrative Matters: How Stories Can Transform Medicine”, by Claire Unis MD MFA, who claims that creative writing and literature offer physicians infinite opportunities to reconnect with purpose and inspiration.
  • Come learn how narrative medicine can revolutionize how we practice, here.


Video Nugget Gold

  • We’ve launched a new curated collection called “Video Nugget Gold”, in which founder Dana Corriel, MD, presents ultra-short snippets of thought-provoking and/or inspiring video shorts. Find it here.
  • Below is the second to have been published on our site (if you’re reading this in the email newsletter, you won’t see the video unless you read this update directly on our website here).



Not Another Test! Nah, it’s Test-imonials!

  • We recently captured not one, but TWO shared testimonials from doctors on social media (hey, that’s our name!!).  They’re the latest and greatest additions to an already existing, and rapidly growing, list of shoutouts our venture is proud to showcase.
  • Check out the others inside our TESTIMONIAL page.



Testimonial Brittany Busse, MD



New Member Menu

  • We’ve built a brand spankin’ new menu, which will appear to our active members, when they sign in to their accounts.
  • The menu will hopefully make it easier to navigate through your options on the site.
  • Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback about the experience, and send any ideas you have our way. Just email soedocs@somedocs.com.
  • Screenshot of the menu below (you’ll experience the menu for yourself, live, when you’re logged into our site. Remember, we’re bringing in doctors with valid NPIS for free, via application, here!)


new member menu


YouTube Incubator

  • Our YouTube incubator is officially on the calendar (though we are still awaiting exact time).
  • If you’ve made it in, we’ll see you there.



Lecture Access

Crystal Beal, MD
Crystal Beal, MD



Dr. Moidunny

Manzur Moidunny, MD
Manzur Moidunny, MD


We’re loving what Dr. Manzur Moidunny shared about himself (both goals and challenges) to the rest of our community, inside our Network members’ Facebook group. We’re now challenging the rest of you to do the same in introductory posts. Include your SoMeDocs profile page so we know where your online presence is!




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