03/21/2023: A New Section, Weight-Gain-Brain, Pain Management & More

03/21/2023: A New Section, Weight-Gain-Brain, Pain Management & More
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Weight Gain ‘Cause of Your Brain?

Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Dipl ABOM
Franchell Hamilton, MD, FACS, FASMBS, Dipl ABOM


  • Franchell Hamilton MD, FACS, FASMBS, Dipl ABOM is going to lecture to our audience, live, on 03/28. Her lecture? “Weight Gain: It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Brain.”. Dr. Hamilton also happened to have written a book! Find it here, inside our Writers section! Know someone who would benefit from tuning in? It’s free while it’s live!! Share the lecture page with them You can find it directly here (and share from there).
  • If you’re interested in this, you may also be interested in Dr. Baumgaertel’s latest episode in her video series, “Episode 7: I Need Help With Weight Management”. Find all of our videos and curated series inside our Articles & Videos section right here.
  • Want to know how to find other lectures that are live and specifically built for a general audience (not for a doctor audience)? Just click into our LEARN section here, choose “coming up live” and then use the filters to select the lectures that are specific for the general audience. It’s easy peasy!


Lifestyle Medicine Conference for Everyone

Lifestyle medicine conference lineup

  • We are currently curating a superb Lifestyle Medicine conference, which will be an incredible resource filled with experts and valuable information. We’re currently closing on details and the event will likely take place in early June 2023 (tentatively June 9th weekend). This will be virtual, and open to the public, with tickets priced at a deep discount if purchased ahead of time. Interested in this? Find it here.


Chronic Pain Management Article

Five Lifestyle Changes to Help Manage Chronic Pain

  • This week, we published the article “Five Lifestyle Changes to Help Manage Chronic Pain” by Yuri Chaves Martins, MD, PhD, who shared the 5 most important lifestyle changes to help people manage chronic pain. Find it – and other articles in the HEALTH genre right here. Just choose HEALTH using the “Genre” in the filters section. You can alternately find it by choosing PAIN MANAGEMENT from “Specialty-Related” in the filters section.


Meet the Founder!

Dana Corriel, MD

  • Meet Dana Corriel. She’s an internist – a traditionally trained medical doctor! – who once worked as a primary care physician in the clinical setting, but then pivoted to make healthcare a better place.
  • She started with a small group of physicians, who came together to build space for their expertise within the online world. But the venture kept growing, and over the years, it evolved.
  • Today, Dr. Corriel focuses her full-time on building this website out, and on showcasing the work of real health expert today.
  • We appreciate your being here with us!



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