03/19/2023: Speakers’ Meeting, Branding Tips, Food Submissions, & More..

03/19/2023: A Speakers' Meeting, Branding Tips, Food Submissions, & More..
[We've been focusing quite a bit on food lately.. and lifestyle. Lots and lots of lifestyle..]

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Networking? For Doctors? Yes!

With yet another fun in-person networking session behind us, it’s time to regroup and forge ahead! Here’s the news, where it comes to our networking:

  1. After hearing feedback, we built a brand spankin’ new section on our website that will help track those who attend our networking events, here. You’ll have to be a member to access it, though, so join here. It’s free for any doctor with an NPI. Or purchase membership and we’ll get you in quicker (and verify once you’re in).
  2. The in-person networking sessions in NYC have been a hoot! We’re going to take a pause on hosting them live and instead, invite you to our monthly virtual sessions. These have consistently been a success and run just one productive hour! Our next one is April 23rd at 7 PM EST.
  3. If you’re involved with another organization, or networking group, that meets regularly, and that would like to team up, please reach out. Our email remains somedocs@somedocs.com.


Speaker Pitches Now in Progress!

  • It’s time to build more virtual conferences, especially after the success of our last one, which we’re still feeling the aftershock waves from (about entrepreneurship, here). Sooooo.. we decided to out out a call for speakers, with a video.. and make it extra fun(ny). Take a look at these “4 Tips for Slaying”, starring someone we may not realistically secure in our speaker lineup (but wouldn’t it be fun?).  Pitch a lecture here.
  • We’re meeting via Zoom, on Sunday March 19th at 9 PM EST, to cover what it means to be a speaker with SoMeDocs and how it can help you grow/lead to more opportunities. The Zoom session is here.

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Our Mission?

  • Still don’t know what it is? We’re a unique online hub filled with resources that promote the autonomy of doctors. We promote you, we circulate you across social media, and we also lead projects behind the scenes (not to mention our network member community). We do a lot, but our mission is quite simple and straightforward. We want healthcare changed for the better.


New Branding Tips: Sign up for 5 Great Ones!

  • We’ve built a new offer, on our site, sending you 5 branding tips via email, one day after another. You’ll love these tips, as they’re practical, and fun, to boot. Sign up to receive them here.


Agree or Disagree? Good Medicine is Time Dependent

  • Dr. Daniel Paull’s recent quote, grabbed from an article published on our website’s Articles and Videos section, garnered a lot of attention this past week. So we decided to share it here, too! Want to weigh in with your thoughts, on Instagram? You can find the quote here.

Daniel Paull's quote


Calling All Food-Making Docs!!

  • We’re currently organizing a brand spankin’ new section, highlighting your food creations. This will be a great way to not only show your patients, or audience, that you can shine outside of the exam room, but also pass on a recipe you love. Does NOT have to be your original recipe, as long as credit is given to who created it, or where you found it. What we need: a pic of the food with you in it (for example, holding up a pie you made!) and a blurb describing what it is, why you made it, etc. Be creative! Submit yours here. It’s all in honor of our upcoming LIFESTYLE MEDICINE CONFERENCE FOR EVERYONE. Signup for notifications on that here.



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