03/12/2023: Incubatin’, the Member Hub, & Lifestyle..

NEXT UPDATE 03/12/2023: Incubatin', the Member Hub, & Lifestyle..
[A Lifestyle Medicine conference is coming our way! We're putting together the pieces! This & more..]

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Lifestyle Medicine in da House..

  • With our Entrepreneurship & Networking for Doctors conference behind us (which you can still purchase access for here), we’re now gearing up for our next conference, focusing on lifestyle medicine. Don’t forget that active members can catch all of the footage for FREE while the conference is going on LIVE. Certainly unlike most conferences in existence today, and certainly worthy of getting involved with SoMeDocs! The target audience, this time around? The general public, which means both doctors and non-doctors alike. We figured we’d mix things up, keep it exciting!


  • If you want to get involved with this virtual project, and learn some pretty cool things along the way along with one of the most unique online digital health brands in existence (that’s us!!), email us at somedocs@somedocs.com.


International Women’s Day

  • This past week brought us an international day of recognition (International Women’s Day), so our founder created a reel that to recognize the women doctors in SoMeDocs, using some of the newest profiles joining us. Do you see someone you know in it? Give them a shoutout!




  • Who’s ready to “incubate”? We’re referring, of course, to new ideas, new projects, & new collaborations. If you’re a NETWORK-level member, this is one of the highlights of our membership, and we’ve got the monthly session coming up next Sunday, March 19th, so don’t forget to mark it down in your calendar (just use the ‘add to calendar’ button on signup). Sign up here to grab the link. And psssst.. the link will work only if you’re a network-level member. So don’t even try if you ain’t.


To “Inquiries” or “Not To Inquiries”

  • Hear ye, hear ye! Our DATABANK is hereby going to be referred to as a DIRECTORY, after some incredibly helpful feedback from our site’s users, who found the latter term more.. self-explanatory. Why is it there in the first place? Our founder nurtures this space – the directory – in order for the world to more quickly connect with real, verified doctors. Journalists, for example, should not have to go through hoops to find exactly who they need. Neither should health startups, It’s easy-peasy: one organized space!


  • Don’t forget, if you’re already listed inside the directory, that you have an option to have an “inquiries” box show up, where followers can contact you directly. Recently, journalists from the Wall Street Journal, Medical Economics, and Huffington Post reached out directly to our doctors. We’re still figuring out how we can best facilitate this connection pathway, which now lands directly inside the doctor’s email inbox without actually showing the doctor’s email address (they can decide whether to respond). As we grow, SoMeDocs is thinking through the option of serving as individual doctors’ agents, fielding inquiries for them to ensure less SPAM gets through.


Our Member Hub is Your Friend

  • I’m a member! Where do I go? Where do I find the member hub?



A Sjogren’s Event

  • We warmly welcome a new partner to SoMeDocs, the 2nd Annual Virtual Sjogren’s Summit, which boasts two days of human connection and empowering education surrounding the topic of Sjogren’s Disease, and now resides inside our “Coming Up Live” section, where you can get more details.



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Table of Contents

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