WHEN:2024-03-09 09:00 EST

03/09-10: (CONFERENCE) Physicians Financial Summit 2024

This conference is built to unlock financial well-being with a crash-course fellowship tailored for physicians to secure family wealth and sidestep high-income earning traps.

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2024-03-09 09:00 EST

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Despite their expertise in healthcare, research shows that physicians are the most likely profession to fall victim to financial blind spots.

Overlooking these blind spots leads to a troubling statistic – physicians, despite their high income, are statistically unlikely to translate their earnings into a better life for themselves and their families.

We will cover the basics like:

1. How to assess whether your are financially prepared for retirement.
2. How other professions make the same money as you, but pay less taxes.
3. Why the lack of an estate plan leaves your family vulnerable in today’s world.

These topics just scratch the surface of what will be covered at the event.

This event is a crash-course fellowship in proper financial planning for your family.

We are not financial advisors, and we don’t have anything to sell at the event.

We will cover the 3 most common mistakes physicians make with their financial advisor.

This is 100% education and impact driven.

After 2 days, you will walk away with a concrete plan to make sure you are on the right financial path, you can pay less taxes, and to ensure your family is not the statistic of most likely to be affected by financial blind spots.

Our summit is not just an event; it’s a turning point.

It’s where you will learn the strategies that could have made you thousands in the past, but you never knew it was an option.


Among the faculty at this conference:

Mark R. McLaughlin, MD, FACS, FAANS
Neurosurgeon & SoMeDocs member, Mark McLaughlin, MD


SoMeDocs Founder, Dana Corriel, MD

(This conference is an affiliate advertiser of SoMeDocs, which means that each ticket sold earns SoMeDocs a small percentage, helping us to continue building up our site and venture)

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Event organizer

Physicians Financial Summit 2024

Grand Vision Capital Group

Why are physicians the poorest of all high income earners? We set out to answer that question. Grand Vision Capital was created to empower physicians to overcome this statistic. We are industry leaders in simplifying proven wealth principles, cutting taxes, & transforming high earnings into significant, lasting wealth for your family. We are the real-life “easy button” to your financial world. We are not financial advisors! We never collect commissions, and you will never hear us talk about stocks and bonds. Like your medical specialty, we are the specialists in a physicians' financial world. We don’t manage your stock portfolio. We come alongside you, and we provide an opportunity for you to follow the exact playbook that we personally implement and help you to incorporate those strategies into your existing financial plan. We realize that your life may already be going at a million miles a minute. That’s why you don’t have time to worry about cutting your enormous tax bill or figuring out how to structure your estate. We don’t want physicians to waste a lifetime of high income and have no real wealth to show for it in the end.

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Physicians Financial Summit 2024

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Physicians Financial Summit 2024


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