03/05/2023: ‘Tworking, A Brief History of Women in Medicine, Leaving Academia &.. Poop.

03/05/2023: 'Tworking, A Brief History of Women in Medicine, Leaving Academia &.. Poop.
Who knew the word 'poop' could generate so much excitement? We did. We knew. all of our latest, from the past week.


  • Nah, we’re not referring to the dance move. here. We’re just trying to be cool, when referring to tonight’s VIRTUAL NETWORKING session (Sunday, March 5th, to be exact), which happens at 5 PM EST sharp. The session also happens to conclude our weekend conference, called Entrepreneurship and Networking for Doctors, and we’ll hopefully see some shared audience from there. Register for the event here, and you’ll be emailed the Zoom link to join! If you live in the NYC area, please join our in-person networking session later this week, on Thursday, March 9th, 6:30-9:30 PM) in Soho! As always, we rented out a space and will serve both food and drink!


A History of Women in Medicine

  • This week’s talk? A Brief History Of Women In Medicine, by Alison Christy, MD, PhD, who’s planning to utilize fun, irreverent stories of women from the history of medicine to illustrate how we can increase diversity and underrepresented minorities in medicine. Check out what else we have coming up live, inside our COMING UP LIVE section!



  • We kicked off our first conference this weekend, and could not be more proud of both the faculty lineup that we featured, and the attendees who joined, ready to network and mingle. We’re admittedly perfecting the conference process, and appreciate the patience of everyone involved as we use the experience as a learning lesson for our next event. That said, our next few conferences are already being planned out! If you wish to be considered in the faculty lineup of any, please consider pitching a lecture here. It’s a fantastic way to generate exposure, collect emails, build thought leadership, create passive income, show the world your expertise without having to excel in tech or design, and work with a growing brand like ours to spread your wings. We proudly work backwards (disrupting, one idea at a time!!), by curating conferences based on the topics submitted. So join us.


Leaving Academia

  • We were touched, here at SoMeDocs, by the vulnerable share of one of our members, inside our interactive NETWORK space on Facebook. Dr. Nerissa Kreher briefly shared her heart-warming background with us, and confessed to having “spread her wings” after experiencing burnout and leaving academia. It’s not the solution for everyone, no. But it’s certainly useful to hear what folks inside of medicine have to say.



  • We don’t mean to be crude or anything but.. poop matters. In fact, one of our newest member (we’ll let you guess his specialty without telling you!), chose to mention it in the quote displayed in the front of his Databank Profile and we absolutely loved it! In fact, his quote immediately made it into out Instagram wall o’quotes and you can, in fact, find it here, inside this updates’ front cover. Now let’s see if you guessed his specialty correctly. Click here to discover the specialty, and some of the other docs who are in the specialty, right along with him!


Open Office Hour

  • We have an office hour coming up later this week, which is open to the public, and where you can join to ask your questions. We invite you to join our founder, Dr. Dana Corriel, and ask away!



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