02/25/2023: Goodbyes, Profiles, Incubator and.. our CONFERENCE!!!

[It's simply uber-exciting that our Entrepreneurship CONFERENCE is debuting less than 1 week away!!!]

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Goodbye Facebook Groups?

  • Yes, we are saying goodbye. But not to the SoMeDocs venture (No way! We are growing!!) We’re saying goodbye to our Facebook groups. But not to all of them! And not necessarily forever. We’re simply closing up 2 of our 3 Facebook groups. It’s been a long run, but we’re just not getting much action there. But don’t fret, we WILL still be keeping our NETWORK group open, for NETWORK-level members. If interested in upgrading, join here. If you’re a network member already, and are on Facebook, join us there.


Doctor versus General Public

  • Many of you may already know this, but our website aims to be appealing to both a general audience AND one with a medical background. We know it’s not yet perfect, but we’re slowly evolving and tweaking this space so that you can more efficiently navigate through it and get to the resource you need/want. Your feedback helps tremendously in this process, so we welcome you to send in a contact form, here, if you have suggestions, and simply add “FEEDBACK” in the subject line. We thank you for it. And for being here.


Databank Profiles

  • Your profiles are getting seen, docs! There have been direct connections made (without our involvement), as well as inquiries sent in where we help out. A Wall Street Journal reporter reached out to us recently, regarding a health article they were writing (they needed resources to quote), as well as a startup founder looking for a physician to help take the lead. If you are a member & wish to edit your profile at any time, do so here. Remember, we are more magazine than social platform, so we’ll need up to 24-48 hours to edit & get your profile back up on the site.


Incubator this Sunday!

  • NETWORK-level members: our monthly meetup is happening this Sunday, Feb 26, at 7 PM EST. Sign up to get your link here (note: link will only work for NETWORK level)



  • Our conference is coming up this week!! And we’ve made entry FREE, for all of our members, regardless of your level. Of course, we also have an upgrade option, for additional perks (like access to the lectures for one full months, so you can soak up the content on your own free time, and more!). Find the details here.


Questions for SoMeDocs?

  • Our founder will be available in an office hour from 6:30-7 PM EST Sunday, Feb 25, 2023 (right before our NETWORK members’ monthly Incubator) via Zoom, to answer any questions you have about SoMeDocs, AND again on Monday, Feb 27th, 2-3 PM EST.
  • You can find our Open Office Hour session inside the coming up live section right here. You can even use the filters on the page to narrow down your search. For example, want to just see the office hour sessions? Choose that option from “type”. Want to see resources coming up in the field of entrepreneurship? Use the “Pick a Genre” filter.


That’s it for this edition, our first update.



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  1. Dana – GREAT new section! I know most here know how hard you work, but you REALLY DO ROCK! SoMeDocs is destined to be growing bigger and better with all the love (blood, sweat and tears) you put into it. It is a platform like no other. Period. I am so honored to follow along experiencing (and benefitting from) your journey. Methinks you need a new title: Chief Curator, Matchless Maven, Ace, Boss, Champ (okay, now some of those sound like dog names…). But truly, I thank you for your boundless energy and creativity in developing this entrepreneurial platform.

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