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About Our Series

Our series stand out because of a curation factor: we work hard to bring on experts from various niches, and pass on their knowledge to you.

Series structure ranges from conversational, to lecture, to spotlight, and we offer a mix of livestream and edited footage. We now offer curation for your brand, too!

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Our series

Completed Series

These series are a curated mix of live recordings and edited footage. SoMeDocs produces creative content that’s built around relevant topics, and is available to build a series for your band or business. Get in touch for info.

Even Doctors Need Life Lessons

A series of 14 hour-long lectures – accessible to NETWORK members – by non-physicians, teaching a different important life lesson in each. Hosted by SoMeDocs creator, Dr. Dana Corriel

A 12-episode series, with physicians lecturing about a skill outside of medicine that they've leveraged, and are now passing on to you

How-To Physician

It’s easier than ever, in the digital world of today, for physicians to connect. In this series, physicians teach other physicians a skill they’ve leveraged in a single, casual hour.

Conversations with Samuel Shem: Putting the HUMAN Back into Medicine (show with Shem)

Conversations with Shem

Medical literature icon Samuel Shem, author of “The House of God” tackles the difficult conversation of “How Healthcare is Broken” with a rotating panel of physicians.

Health Innovators Series

Physicians are thinking outside the box and pushing themselves past healthcare “comfort zones.” Join as they “take a chance” on sharing their ideas.

Ongoing Series

Livestreamed lectures in the series below are publicly accessible. Watch the lecture LIVE, right inside of the episode itself.

Once the lecture ends, it will become a part of the series below. Some of our series are available to the public for viewing, while others require NETWORK membership. We hope you enjoy our work.

Even Doctors Need Life Lessons: SEASON II

Even Doctors Need Life Lessons: SEASON II

A new cast of non-physician experts returns, for season II of our series. In each episode, we learn new tricks of the trade, from various niches necessary to grow your voice, personal brand, or business, in today’s digital-heavy world.

Doctors on Social Media Teach Podcasting Header Image

Doctors On Social Media Teach Podcasting

Today’s health experts are sharing their expertise in audio format using podcasts. Join us as we explore how we do this and bring on the innovators who are giving it their all.

How-To Physician: Season 2. We're back with Season 2 of our lecture series. This time, new physicians take on the virtual airwaves, to teach other physicians a skill they’ve leveraged, in a single, casual livestream.

How-To Physician: Season 2

We’re back with Season 2 of our lecture series. This time, new physicians take on the virtual airwaves, to teach other physicians a skill they’ve leveraged, in a single, casual livestream.

Coming Soon

Below are sieres that are currently being created. If you want a series of your own (either to be showcased here, on our site, and spread across our social platforms (we have over 40,000 followers!) or to use in your own space, get in touch for info.

SoMeDocs Exclusive

Have a Unique Idea?

We love covering unique perspectives, in our series section, so get in touch if you’ve got an idea to pitch to us. We help you refine your ideas, create beautiful space to house your work in, and showcase it to our audience. BAM, get your thought leadership on.


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