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Patty Fahy, MD

Patty Fahy, MD

“Physician leadership is essential to remedy the healthcare crisis.”

Mark Lopatin: If physicians are not willing to fight to protect our profession, who will?

Mark Lopatin MD, FACP, FACR, FCPP

“Health care should be a human interaction between a patient and a physician, rather than a business transaction between a consumer and a provider”

Keira Barr, MD FAAD

“Learning to accept and then love the skin you’re in exactly the way it is, is to liberate yourself to live the life you crave.”

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A 12-episode series, with physicians lecturing about a skill outside of medicine that they've leveraged, and are now passing on to you

How-To Physician

It’s easier than ever, in the digital world of today, for physicians to connect. In this series, physicians teach other physicians a skill they’ve leveraged in a single, casual hour.

Conversations with Samuel Shem: Putting the HUMAN Back into Medicine (show with Shem)

Conversations with Shem

Medical literature icon Samuel Shem, author of “The House of God” tackles the difficult conversation of “How Healthcare is Broken” with a rotating panel of physicians.

Health Innovators Series

Physicians are thinking outside the box and pushing themselves past healthcare “comfort zones.” Join as they “take a chance” on sharing their ideas.

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Dana Corriel, headshot

Dana Corriel, MD

I bring enthusiasm & passion to speaking events that focus around innovation, creativity, digital building, and career impact using the online tools of today.

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Expert Coaches

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